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• The Ultimate Tough and Flexable Pool Coating
ASC also formulates Xtreme concrete swimming pool coatings. We blend a polyurethane / acrylic multi-polymer epoxy paint for swimming pools. These products have a high resistance to UV, chemicals and maintain flexural and tensile properties for adhesion. We also offer a primer and surface stabilizer and hardener for older concrete pools. Ask for a product quote today for your pool renovation project. info@asc-tx.com

• ASC- Dura-Flex 50 Swimming Pool Epoxy Paint

Acrylic multi-polymer urethane epoxy coating for concrete swimming pools. Excellent resistance to UV, and chemicals. Has excellent adhesion and flexural properties for durability.
$59.00 gal. contractor pricing over 20 gals.

For price quotes email your pool dimensions and include your shipping address for UPS delivery quote to be included........to info@asc-tx.com

Concrete Hardeners for older pools:
TX-1044 is a multi-polymer emulsion designed to stabilize and harden older surfaces. Comes in concentrated gallons ( add 3-4 gallons water before applying)Hardeners $90.00 gal.

  ASC- Dura-Flex 50 Swimming   Pool   Epoxy Paint $59.00 gal
  ASC- Dura-Flex 50 Swimming   Pool   Epoxy Paint $90.00 gal.

• ASC- Dura-Flex 150 swimming Pool Epoxy ( 2 part)
Acrylic multi-polymer urethane epoxy (2 part).
$89.00 gal.

All ASC Products are waterborne environmental and user friendly.
Swimming Pool Concrete Deck Coatings
Acrylic polymer fortified epoxy for concrete patios....We will send you instructions and tips to cover ugly cracks with your coating..... TX 1044 blended in epoxy to help strengthen your patio.....
$59.00 gal. Contractor Pricing Available.. All Colors ..

 ASC- Dura-Flex 150 swimming  Pool Epoxy ( 2 part) $89.00 gal.
 All ASC Products are waterborne  environmental and user friendly. $59.00 gal.
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