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ASC Inc. has now developed a waterborne automotive coating.

Houston metal coatings


Typical Applications:

Use as a primer or finish coat.
Automobiles: under carriage, floorboards, bumpers, trunk area, engine compartments. Trucks, trailers, storage tanks, agricultural equipment, bridges. Outdoor sign supports, fencing, metal roofs, fire escapes

For heavily rusted metal; check out our ASC-P1000 primer. We recommend on severely rusted metal; 1-2 coats of ASC-P1000 to re-profile the surface before coating with ASC-M6085
ASC-P1000 also can be used as a clear coat over ASC-M6085 for added protection

ASC-P1000 per gallon $95.90
ASC-P1000 / 5 gallon pail $350.00
ASC-M6085 per gallon $96.55
ASC-M6085 / 5 gallon pail $400.00
Technical data sheet

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