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• Kryptonite T-C

Kryptonite trailer coatings were developed for trailer manufactures, distributors and the consumers of trailers with plywood or wooden beds and ramps.

Kryptonite T-C trailer coating is waterborne, easy to apply, easy to clean up with water and is incredibility durable.

Kryptonite T-C Trailer Coating will improve the looks of your trailer and more important add years to the life of your trailer.

 1 gallon $89.90
 5 gallon pail $410.00
 15 - 5 gallon pails (1 pallet) $5625.00

Water Borne Trailer Coating


Kryptonite T-C: trailer coating is a specially formulated incredible tough waterb protective coating.

• Characteristics:
Improves the life of your trailer by years and keeps it looking good
Easy application/ no fumes and cleans up with water
Specially formulated anti slip floor, not slippery even when wet.
Resist weather, chemicals and dirt

Recommended Usage:

Kryptonite T-C: trailer coating is used anywhere you want to improve the life, l of your trailer. Kryptonite T-C is easy to use and easy to maintain. Kryptonite re-coatable, if there is any need you can reapply to your floor.

• Typical Properties:

Appearance:  colored liquid

Solids:  60% (+/- 1)
LBS/GAL:  11 (+/- 1)
Flash Point:  > 200º F
pH:  9

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