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Xtreme garage floor coating

Our goal at ASC is to produce the most durable specialty coatings and paint epoxies available today in the industry. We have the most advanced technology in polyurethane/acrylic polymer cross-linking for bonding and strength performance. Most of ASC epoxy coatings are low VOC and waterborne coatings making them
environmentally safe and user friendly. All of our paint coatings arecapable of forming tight cross-linked polymer structures, characterized by toughness, durability, and strong adhesion making them the best in the industry today.
We provide individual consulting for specialty coating solutions to Architects, Contractors and Manufacturers worldwide.

We are the manufacturer of Texas Garage Floor Coatings. Our environmentally and user friendly epoxy floor products are extremely durable and designed for lifetime performance properties. Our multi-coat concrete floor systems are easy to DIY or have a professional ASC Independent Dealer/Installer applicate the coating for you. Let us answer any questions you may have in regards to your concrete floor, or give you a quote for products needed.

Flexible Roof coating

  ASC-450 Protective Coating

American garage floor coatings
xtreme garage speciality coatings

ASC manufactures concrete swimming pool coatings. We blend an polyurethane/acrylic multi-polymer epoxy paint for swimming pools. These products have a high resistance to UV, chemicals and maintain flexural and tensile properties for adhesion. We offer a primer and surface stabilizer and hardener for older concrete pools. Ask for a product quote today for your pool renovation project.

What are performance modifying resins? These high-tech polyurethane/acrylic polymer resins change the performance of ordinary coatings and paints. These resins will change the performance properties of coatings such as; but not limited to flexibility, curing rate, hardness, and adhesion. Our specialty formulated coatings provide solutions for all applications and industries.

Inquiries regarding manufacturing coatings should be sent to:

Distributors and Authorized Contractors are
wanted for coatings and specialty resins:

Advantages of a Cool Roof


ASC Inc. formulates industrial concrete densifier, sealers and concentrated cleaners - under the Kryptonite nomenclature. They are manufactured in U.S.A. using American sourced base materials.
ASC  can deliver in any volumes.

Call 561-371-8661 or email if you have any questions.