Houston coating services

  • Proof-reading of the Letter of Credit prior to shipment.

  • Documentation and preparation of all documents required in the Letter of Credit, including certificates of origin and legalization.

  • Correspondence between all logistics partners (shipping line, forwarder, shipper) to ensure timely and accurate service.

  • Negotiation and presentation of documents on behalf of the Shipper.

  • Presentation follow-up with negotiating bank.

  • Notification of payments.

  • Creation of spreadsheets, reports and templates as requested.






Houston leather coating documentation

Houston floor coating benefits

  • Low cost.

  • Efficient and timely turnaround.

  • Quality and precision.

  • Consistent, quality work for every shipment.

  • Time to focus on your most important aspect your customer.

  • Peace of mind for you - we offer professional, quality work.

Houston coating references

  • Working knowledge of the UCP500

  • Knowledge of exportation

  • Personal experience comes from working for a shipper, a forwarder, and a steamship line

  • Professional references available upon request